There are no long-winding queues or slow cashiers at Watasale. Self-checkout systems are slower than cashiers, especially for novices Posted on August 7, 2011 by brobinson9999 One of the best ways to study the usability of an existing system is to watch real users using it. The cashier enters the amount of cash tendered, The register displays the amount of change due the customer. A deep-dive into this Reddit thread reveals there is quite a bit of strategy to increasing your "ring speed." She became totally confused and after a few seconds I told her she owed me $2.20. My order came to $2.80 and I gave her a five. Let me tell you about burnout. I was just too slow! Have each new hire cancel transactions to practice issuing refunds. User dbrianmorgan is full of tips for his fellow Aldi employees that will shave seconds off their time, including occasionally leaving their seat behind the register to help customers that are slow to unload their groceries. Some people see people who are attractive as not needing to be smart in life, and they might put that assumption onto you. for amount tendered on her register. Management quickly sent me back to front cashier. I knew how upset people got when their order was incorrect, and I think I spent 3 precious minutes bobbing my head up and down between the food in the carry-out bag and the overhead order screen. You Want Everything to Be Perfect Reddit Jar 819,446 views. She put $50. or none. I stopped at a grocery store this morning and I had to tell them how much change they owed me. Slow people can be very methodical. Walmart cashier hourly wages range from $7 to $17, with the average falling at $9 an hour, which is "not bad out of high school, but hardly enough to live past that," according to one former employee on Glassdoor. In fact, there is no cashier at all. $1.00 to 4.00 from a $5, $10, whatever. Great place as a first job because you get to grow in a workplace like this because you meet a lot of people and even build bonds/friendships. I was a fast-food worker. Practice making purchases, going through the entire payment flow. Cashier/Sales Associate (Current Employee) - Milpitas, CA - July 24, 2020 The environment is amazing everybody is included and gets along. ... Reddit Jar - Duration: 48:58. Run your cashier training during a slow time in the day. Cashiers, What's The Weirdest Set Of Items A Customer Bought? Reddit searches for Mississippi Pot Roast rose by nearly 40% in October, according to a Reddit spokesperson, who pointed TODAY Food to the r/slowcooking subreddit, a … Some cashiers, like him, are inexperienced and have only gone for a few days of cashier training. 48:58. The only time you may have actually count change is during a power failure, if axillary power is available. Could be a couple reasons * Are you attractive? The cashier also urged customers to be patient if the cashier is a little slow. Moreover, these cashiers have to stand for long hours, while shoppers only have to stand for a fraction of that time. You then count the amount of change as displayed..01 cent - 99 cents. (AskReddit) ToadFilms. As technology ratchets up the stress, low-wage jobs have become some of the hardest in America. Cover less frequent transaction types, like selling or redeeming gift cards and accepting personal checks, as part of your cash register training.